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Learning Spanish: Basic Spanish in 30 Days

Learning Spanish is easy if you let people from Castilla y Leon teach you the original Spanish. The Spanish spoken in the province of Castilla y Leon is known as Castellano and is the central Spanish dialect.

Learning Spanish is easy because it is a very phonetic language. This means that once you are familiar with the sounds of each of the alphabets, you will know how to pronounce any new words. This familiarity with Spanish sounds is the first thing you will learn on this website.

That said, if you really want to learn Spanish, you need to forget all your English sounds because with the Spanish language, what you see is what you pronounce.

Learning Spanish: Tips to Help You Learn Spanish Fast

How to use this website to learn Spanish

This website is designed for people who want to learn Spanish basics within a short time. This is not your holiday handbook kind of learning Spanish though. If you really want to learn conversational Spanish, so that when you speak the Spaniards will actually understand you, then keep reading :)

It is advisable to finish a course designed for one day including the exercises in one go. This is so that you will get the big picture of the topic of the day.

Every Spanish word listed on the website has a pronunciation guide either next to it or at the end of the page.

At the end of each day's study, you will get a list of new Spanish words and three Spanish expressions.

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Learning Spanish in 30 Days